Giving back to the world is very important to Marcia.  She has a great interest in working with non-profit organizations.  Locally she has worked with:  The United Way, Wisconsin Diabetes Association, American Cancer Society, Ronald McDonald House, AIDS Network, Habitat for Humanity, Dane County Humane Society and Hammer with a Heart.   Marcia has had the honor of working with Volunteers in Mission doing international  mission projects.  VIM  spends a month in a location in need, somewhere in the world.   VIM helps  build and repair churches, orphanages,  schools, and doing special projects with children.  

Some locations Marcia has worked in:  Panama, Guyana 

South America, Bolivia and Soweto South Africa.  She documents every trip with her camera to create awareness and share the richness of each experience. 

MARCIA HANSEN is the owner of the marcia hansen photographic company, LLC.   Marcia has been a professional photographer for 26 years.  One thing that sets her apart is her ability to put other people at ease.  Her subtle ( or not so subtle)  sense of humor creates a relaxed atmosphere and many clients even admit that the photo session experience was really enjoyable.   Marcia's intuitive  nature allows her to work sensitively with an 85 year old, respectfully with a bank CEO, and playfully with a 2 year old.

Marcia is experienced in many areas of photography.   Although she has a degree in commercial photography,  She also enjoys people and creating portraits that reveal more than just what you see on the outside.   For fun, Marcia challenges herself to capture things in the world in a unique  way and from a perspective that you wouldn't typically  see at first glance.


The marcia hansen photographic company is fully equipped digitally to provide her clients with full service imaging on site.   She approaches each assignment professionally and with great importance on customer service.